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Rosemary Macero has experience working mediation on complex commercial construction disputes and consumer disputes.

After years of complex litigation and trial practice, Rosemary Macero understands that a court imposed solution is virtually never the answer to the problem. As a Court trained mediator, Rosemary understands that solutions driven by the parties are the best way to resolve disputes. The parties’ mutual interests and creativity can make the best out of a stressful and expensive problem solving dilemma. Rosemary Macero is a member of the American Arbitration Association, Boston Panel of Mediators.

Rosemary Macero is a member of the American Arbitration Association Boston Panel of Mediators, and is a trained mediator with special training as a family/elder multiparty mediator.  If you have family stresses or disagreements about how to care for elderly parents, sibling conflicts about the burden of care for aging family members, mediation may be the answer. Contact Rosemary for assistance.

Rosemary also provides case evaluation services. After years of trial practice, she knows the difficulties of trial and the elements of damages and can help you determined your exposure. A second opinion and an evaluation can provide important information in the decision to settle or try your case.

For more information about Mediation offered by Rosemary Macero visit Mediations Masters Inc.

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