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Rosemary Macero has experience arbitrating construction cases, complex commercial disputes and consumer cases. Arbitration is a preferable way to reach a resolution to a dispute. As an arbitrator, Rosemary Macero understands that the arbitration forum is intended to provide a less formalized and an accelerated decision to the problem. Rosemary brings a wealth of experience as a trial lawyer with the rules of evidence which together with her industry experience in real estate, contracts and construction, mean that she is familiar with the inner workings of these industries and their terminology. The parties do not have to educate the arbitrator on the basics and can proceed right to the heart of the dispute so that expensive legal time can be used efficiently in the arbitration process.

Rosemary Macero is a member of the American Arbitration Association Boston Panel of Commercial Arbitrators.

Rosemary Macero is an arbitrator with the Better Business Bureau. She provides case evaluation services. After years of trial practice, she knows the difficulties of trial and the elements of damages and can help you determined your exposure. A second opinion and an evaluation can provide important information in the decision to settle or try your case.

For more information about Arbitration Services offered by Rosemary Macero visit Mediations Masters Inc.

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