Whether it is a simple Will or a complex Trust, at Macero Law PC we are here to assist you to carry out your wishes. It is your priorties which are important whether it be control, tax avoidance, probate avoidance or family harmony, we are here to help you. We also can probate your estate, assist in various guardianship or conservatorship or trust needs. Rosemary Macero has been on the Court Guardian Ad Litem list since 2004 and is available for your guardianship needs. Whether it is protecting your assets from Medicaid or enhancing your eligibility, at Macero Law we make the client’s priority paramount.

Rosemary Macero also provides family mediation services. Is the family having a dispute about a parent’s care, living situation, or family co-owned property? Rosemary Macero can assist in providing caring and constructive assistance to help families in distress find solutions to family problems which fit the family. There are no one size fits all families and there are no one size fits all solutions. With Rosemary’s concerned assistance, families can find their own solutions to family dilemmas while helping elderly parent preserve their dignity and self determination.