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Practice Areas

Business Formation and Litigation

We have handled a wide variety of business cases including business formation, tax related advice, business/contract litigation involving leases, shareholder suits, construction claims and foreclosure. We draft business documents including loan and security instruments for the purchase or sale of your business, intellectual property or employment concerns. We are also knowledgeable about insurance and insurance claims and claim litigation.


We have represented contractors, sub contractors, design professionals in contract negotiations and litigation. We know where the pitfalls are. We have represented landlords and tenants in lease negotiations and other real estate purchase and sale agreements and transactions. We also consult on employment contracts.

Condominium Conversion, Administration and Dispute Resolution

Whether you are constructing a residential or commercial building or converting an existing building to condominium or cooperative status, we can assist you in the process. We can assist with all facets of the process from acquiring and financing the property, to drafting condominium documents, preparing and negotiating the purchase and sale agreements to the conveyance of the individual units. We also provide mediation and arbitration services associated with condominium homeowner disputes with other homeowners or the condominium boards.

Estate Planning and Probate

Whether it is a simple Will or a complex Trust, at Macero Law PC we are here to assist you to carry out your wishes. It is your priorties which are important whether it be control, tax avoidance, probate avoidance or family harmony, we are here to help you. We also can probate your estate, assist in various guardianship or conservatorship or trust needs. Rosemary Macero has been on the Court Guardian Ad Litem list since 2004 and is available for your guardianship needs. Whether it is protecting your assets from Medicaid or enhancing your eligibility, at Macero Law we make the client’s priority paramount.

Rosemary Macero also provides family mediation services. Is the family having a dispute about a parent’s care or living situation? Rosemary Macero can assist in providing caring and constructive assistance to help families in distress find solutions to family problems which fit the family. There are no one size fits all families and there are no one size fits all solutions. With Rosemary’s concerned assistance, families can find their own solutions to family dilemmas while helping elderly parent preserve their dignity and self determination.

Mediation and Arbitration

After years of full blown litigation and trial practice, Rosemary Macero understands that a court imposed solution is virtually never the answer to the problem. As a Court trained mediator, Rosemary understands that solutions driven by the parties are the best way to resolve disputes. The parties mutual interests and creativity can make the best out of a stressful and expensive problem solving dilemma. Rosemary is trained as a family/elder multiparty mediator. If you have family stresses or disagreements about how to care for elderly parents, sibling conflicts about the burden of care for aging family members, mediation may be the answer. Contact Rosemary for assistance.

If a mutually agreeable solution can not be reached, arbitration is a preferable way to reach a resolution to a dispute. As an arbitrator, Rosemary Macero understands that the arbitration forum is intended to provide a less formalized and an accelerated decision to the problem. Rosemary brings a wealth of experience as a trial lawyer with the rules of evidence which together with her industry experience in real estate, contracts and construction means that she is familiar with the inner workings of these industries and their terminology. The parties do not have to educate the arbitrator on the basics and can proceed right to the heart of the dispute so that expensive legal time can be used efficiently in the arbitration process.

Rosemary also provides case evaluation services. After years of trial practice, she knows the difficulties of trial and the elements of damages and can help you determined your exposure. A second opinion and an evaluation can provide important information in the decision to settle or try your case.

For more information about Mediation and Arbitration Services offered by Rosemary Macero see ADR Solutions Inc. at

Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements,
Leases, Title issues, and Encroachments

What ever your real estate needs, we are here for you. At Macero Law we help you become an educated purchaser or seller of real estate. We assist landlords and tenants on lease matters. We can help deal with title issues, mechanics liens, tax liens, foreclosure problems and neighbors overstepping your boundaries. We have handled adverse possession claims and other land related encroachment issues. Rosemary Macero also provides Limited Assistance Representation which is permitted by the Massachusetts Land Court in connection with real estate cases.

Bankruptcy Court Creditor Rights and Mediation

Rosemary Macero has successfully represented creditors in connection with filing proofs of claim and preference claims in Bankruptcy Court proceedings. She is also on the United States Bankruptcy Court mediation list.

The law gets more complex everyday. There are new laws and new regulations. They impact our lives. Why go it alone when you can engage the experience and dedication of Macero Law PC.

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